[squeak-dev] [ANN] new release of muO and Surmulot

Stéphane Rollandin lecteur at zogotounga.net
Tue Nov 30 15:29:11 UTC 2010

> I was confused about something in the muO documentation. You said that
> it won't produce music by itself. Does this mean it doesn't have links
> to sound i/o in squeak or...?

The emphasis I wanted to make in the home page is that muO is a music 
*composition* system. While it is definitely linked to Squeak sound 
infrastructure, it does not provide any DSP capability per se and is not 
designed for sound synthesis. It is intended to create scores for 
Csound, or MIDI files, or OSC streams, or whatever.

However, Surmulot does sound synthesis. If you want the full picture, 
check Surmulot.

Hope this helps,


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