[squeak-dev] final 4.2 image available

Ken G. Brown kbrown at mac.com
Tue Feb 1 20:14:07 UTC 2011

At 11:24 AM -0600 1/31/11, Chris Muller apparently wrote:
>Squeak4.2-10950.zip is now available at http://ftp.squeak.org/4.2,
>which is intended to be the actual-released 4.2 image (unless we find
>some problem, which we won't).
>The trunk will be reopened shortly, thanks for your patience.
>  - Chris

In a fresh Squeak4.2-10950 running on Cogr2349 on Mac, the Save from Preference Browser does not appear to do anything. Same deal when running on Squeak 5.8b12.app

I find the powerful grey desktop background pretty depressing, could it have a little color?
I like that the image apparently ships with Colorful Windows turned on.


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