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Fri Feb 4 19:41:37 UTC 2011

Matthew Fulmer uploaded a new version of ToolBuilder-Morphic to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: ToolBuilder-Morphic-mtf.70
Author: mtf
Time: 4 February 2011, 2:41:28.599 pm
UUID: 3c7f73d0-3004-43a7-bf47-58d2e998fef3
Ancestors: ToolBuilder-Morphic-ul.69

made toolbuilder respect the isDialog preference of window specs. Needed by Cobalt

=============== Diff against ToolBuilder-Morphic-ul.69 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: MorphicToolBuilder>>buildPluggableWindow: (in category 'pluggable widgets') -----
  buildPluggableWindow: aSpec
  	| widget children |
  	aSpec layout == #proportional ifFalse:[
  		"This needs to be implemented - probably by adding a single pane and then the rest"
  		^self error: 'Not implemented'.
+ 	widget := (self windowClassFor: aSpec) new.
- 	widget := (self windowClassFor: aSpec multiWindowStyle) new.
  	self register: widget id: aSpec name.
  	widget model: aSpec model.
  	aSpec label ifNotNil:
  		label isSymbol 
  			ifTrue:[widget getLabelSelector: label]
  			ifFalse:[widget setLabel: label]].
  	aSpec multiWindowStyle notNil ifTrue:
  		[widget savedMultiWindowState: (SavedMultiWindowState on: aSpec model)].
  	children := aSpec children.
  	children isSymbol ifTrue:[
  		widget getChildrenSelector: children.
  		widget update: children.
  		children := #().
  	widget closeWindowSelector: aSpec closeAction.
  	panes := OrderedCollection new.
  	self buildAll: children in: widget.
  	self buildHelpFor: widget spec: aSpec. 
  	widget bounds: (RealEstateAgent 
  		initialFrameFor: widget 
  		initialExtent: (aSpec extent ifNil:[widget initialExtent])
  		world: self currentWorld).
  	widget setUpdatablePanesFrom: panes.

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: MorphicToolBuilder>>windowClassFor: (in category 'widget classes') -----
+ windowClassFor: aSpec
+ 	aSpec isDialog ifTrue: [^ PluggableDialogWindow].
+ 	^aSpec multiWindowStyle
- windowClassFor: multiWindowStyle
- 	^multiWindowStyle
  		{	[nil]				->	[PluggableSystemWindow].
  			[#labelButton]	->	[PluggableSystemWindowWithLabelButton] }
  		otherwise:				[PluggableSystemWindowWithLabelButton]!

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