[squeak-dev] 4.2 Software Catalog

Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Sat Feb 12 23:04:35 UTC 2011

Squeak 4.2 has a growing list of available third-party software
packages that can be easily installed.  After updating your Squeak
image, by selecting the "Update Squeak" menu item to apply a fix to
the SqeakMap Catalog, opening a "SqueakMap Catalog" window will show
the current list of packages that are known to work with Squeak 4.2.

Expanding a package name, reveals the list of available releases.  The
"head" release of each package operates exactly like the update-stream
mechanism for Squeak; installing it merges the latest packages from
its designated SqueakSource repository into your image without
disturbing any local changes you may have made.  These "head" releases
are typically used by developers.

The numbered releases load an exact configuration of MC packages known
to work together in Squeak 4.2, and will continue to work in Squeak
4.2 forever.

Note the Connectors package is designated as "Community Supported"
(because the original author has departed the community).  Therefore,
this package can have new releases added to it by anyone in the
community.  However, the original author's legacy releases are
preserved; they cannot be updated or deleted.

Levente, there was no entry in the Catalog for OCompletion, I hope you
don't mind that I created one.  I simply pasted your script from the
Extending the System workspace for the "head" release, and
'Ocompletion-ul.94' for a configuration that will remain true to 4.2.

I did not dare add releases to existing packages in the Catalog for
members still with the community, but I will be writing up notes
sometime next week about the ToolBuilder-based browser for easily
doing this; documenting our load-scripts in the Catalog.

 - Chris

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