[squeak-dev] Extending the System Workspace

Hannes Hirzel hannes.hirzel at gmail.com
Thu Feb 17 08:06:27 UTC 2011

Yes, we need up-to date load scripts for each version of Squeak. Both
is fine, if they are within an "Extending the System workspace" or
outside in a catalog like Squeakmap. Most important is that they are
tested from time to time and really work wherever they are. And that
there is an easy way to put down for other an updated load script.


On 2/17/11, Ken G. Brown <kbrown at mac.com> wrote:
> Excellent! Much better.
> SqueakMap is a great tool that has been underutilized and seems like a good
> place to keep the load scripts.
> Good work!
> Thx,
> Ken
> At 4:11 PM -0600 2/16/11, Chris Muller apparently wrote:
>>I have been working to externalize all of the scripts of the
>>"Extending the System" workspace into the SqueakMap Catalog.  Once
>>that is done, the whole Extending the System workspace will be
>>obsolete, and I will remove it.
>>There is this elegant object model which has been built-up by the
>>Squeak community over the last decade or so.  It's a great record of
>>all the major software ever written for Squeak and the contributors
>>who did it.  It is also uniquely positioned to address a cluster of
>>issues that face the Squeak and Pharo communities; most notably,
>>It's now extremely easy to put releases on SqueakMap.  In a Squeak
>>trunk image, just select the new menu option on SqueakMap packages;
>>either "Create new Release" or "Edit release".  A new type of browser
>>opens where the load-script for that package can be edited and saved
>>directly to SqueakMap.
>>It's helpful to remember that SqueakMap is just a catalog; e.g.,
>>"documentation" about what software packages are available for Squeak
>>and Pharo, which image versions they run on, (including which Pharo
>>versions), what the license is, who the main developers are, and how
>>much it extends or modifies the image that it runs on.  Now, the
>>fields can include the load-script appropriate for the designated
>>Squeak or Pharo version.
>>I have already added the releases for Squeak 4.2 for the packages I
>>own on SqueakMap.  I now ask those in the community who have
>>contributed their load-scripts to the "Extending the System" workspace
>>to please cut and paste your load-script into the new SM Release
>>Browser and click "Save".  It can be done, literally, in under 60
>>seconds if we will just Do It.  All of those releases will then appear
>>in the Catalog of the just-released 4.2 image.  Right now we have only
>>a half-dozen or so packages that appear in the 4.2 list.  It would be
>>great to see FFI, muO, OCompletion, Omnibrowser, OSProcess, Seaside,
>>Pier and Cobalt in there as well.
>>There is actually a bit more to tell (!!) but I'm trying to keep this
>>short and simple so we can can at least get the ball rolling
>>externalizing the scripts that we do have.  But these new enhancements
>>also address issues about Community-Supported packages.  Please feel
>>free to ask questions!
>> - Chris
>>On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 2:37 PM, Ken G. Brown <kbrown at mac.com> wrote:
>>> In Sq 4.2 in the 'How to extend the system' Workspace, it has:
>>> "Note: Please edit this workspace and add your own contributions.
>>> To submit it to the inbox open the Monticello browser and submit it from
>>> there.
>>> Save the package '* Morphic' to the inbox."
>>> Wouldn't it make more sense to have it located in something like
>>> Help-Squeak-ExtendingTheSystem similar to Help-Squeak-TerseGuide?
>>> Then it would be simple to update.
>>> I have a couple things I could add to 'How to extend the system' but
>>> hesitate to do so in case I did something else by accident to Morphic and
>>> would pollute it.
>>> Ken G. Brown

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