[squeak-dev] Re: [Pharo-project] SqueakSource down... again

Casey Ransberger casey.obrien.r at gmail.com
Tue Feb 22 03:54:42 UTC 2011

Oooh. WebDAV. Nice, familiar, term. We could also throw in rsync and get
read only mirrors:)

On Mon, Feb 21, 2011 at 11:49 AM, Andreas Raab <andreas.raab at gmx.de> wrote:

> On 2/21/2011 1:31 PM, Miguel Cobá wrote:
>> El lun, 21-02-2011 a las 19:25 +0100, Michael Haupt escribió:
>>> Hi,
>>> at HPI, we have a SqueakSource with a GemStone backend. The only
>>> downtimes we experienced were due to necessary maintenance.
>> I think the number of users that hit squeaksource.com vs HPS's own
>> everyday is a key factor in the perceived performance and net uptime of
>> each installation.
> It's not. We used SS at Teleplace at first and it died every other day due
> to heavy commit/update frequency. When we switched to Gemstone we never had
> these problems again. The problem with SS is that it has very poor
> concurrency control. It just trips over its own feet when several people
> commit and update at the same time. I was actually looking at fixing these
> problems at first only to realize that SS was clearly designed as a
> single-user system with very little thoughts being put into where and how
> concurrency plays a role in various operations.
> When we switched to Gemsource, these problems went away (though I'm not
> fully sure why). But they did get replaced with others, most notably the
> problem of our entire source code being locked in a system that we would be
> unable to access if our license ever expires. And although we had a sweet
> deal with Gemstone, due to the sweetness of the deal this happened every six
> months and a couple of times in critical release situations. After it
> happened once too many it was deemed to be no longer acceptable and we
> switched to a simple WebDAV based repository. Which has served us well.
> Cheers,
>  - Andreas

Casey Ransberger
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