[squeak-dev] Re: What was the idea behind the colorful windows?

Dan Ingalls dan at squeakland.org
Tue Feb 22 05:09:14 UTC 2011

Hi Bert, and all -

Yes, the rationale behind different colors had to do with different functions in a busy screen, especially useful for partially obscured or collapsed windows.  I found this important as a developer, but I never dreamed of inflicting the panoply on end-users.

With regard to the choice of colors, I did not attach any great significance to it except the obvious red for errors and, by association, the debugger.  In choosing green for the browser I think I was thinking of the pale green used for some graph paper;  I didn't want anything too contrasty (after having tried that for a while).  And the workspace color was an allusion to parchment for useful notes;  I recall the first post-its being yellow too.

The shades are not the best (someone once mentioned Necco Wafers).  I know they replulse some people, but they have always been changeable.  All that nice ability to change "themes" was put in by other people.   I can only take credit for making things bad enough that the community came forth with the necessary improvements ;-).

	- Dan
>Hi Dan,
>were the colors just random, or do you remember picking e.g. the browser's green consciously?
>- Bert -
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>>>> i heard in some esug video that there had beed an idea and a system behind
>>>> the colorful windows. Is there some place where i can find information
>>>> about
>>>> it?
>>> Not sure if it was an idea behind it but one obvious advantage of having
>>> different kinds of tools use different colors is that it makes it much
>>> easier finding them when you have a whole stack of overlapping windows
>>> to dig around in - (which btw is a very common Smalltalk "disease" since
>>> we have too many shortcuts that spawn new windows). For example,
>>> something pink sticking out there? Aha, a debugger.
>> yes, of course. i meant to ask, if certain colors do have specific meanings?
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