[squeak-dev] DBus bindings

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Wed Feb 23 21:33:31 UTC 2011

On 23.02.2011, at 11:04, Gary Dunn wrote:

> Someone told me Gnome's
> library just traps DBus signals, so I looked into DBus and read that I
> should use one of the higher level bindings. And what did I find on the
> bindings page (www.freedesktop.org)? Bindings for Squeak by Bert
> Freudenberg!
> Can someone give me a 1-2-3 on how to incorporate the six mcz files on
> SqueakSource into a 4.2 image? I am a Monticello newbie. Anyone using
> them care to share their insights and experiences?

I have not tried this in a 4.x image, but in general you need to load DBus-Core first, then DBus-Objects. Those are the two you would need "in production". And of course the DBusPlugin in your VM directory.

The only application I know using it is Etoys. If you run Etoys under Linux, just press ctrl-comma then open a DBus Explorer to peek around. To install that in your own image, load the DBus-Tools package.

To call methods via DBus you get a proxy for it and send a message:

proxy := DBus sessionBus getObject: 'org.gnome.ScreenSaver' path: '/'.
proxy SetActive: true

Similarly to register for signals:

proxy onDBusSignal: 'interface.member' send: #someSelector to: someObject

To create a DBus service (make an object available via DBus), you subclass DBusObject and "export" it:

DBus sessionBus export: myObject on: 'org.mydomain.myapp' at: '/path/to/my/object'

That's basically it. You can find usage examples in the Etoys image.

- Bert -

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