[squeak-dev] Greetings & development of Electrical Engineering Design application

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Thu Feb 24 18:43:38 UTC 2011

Hi Ben and welcome,

lsobcca> was a major influence in choosing to undertake this project.  Part of it
lsobcca> is a schematic and connection drawing package where changes are live
lsobcca> linked between associated drawings. For example, when wire numbers are
lsobcca> changed on the schematic that will be reflected on the connection diagram.

for the model go for Squeak or any other Smalltalk.

lsobcca> 1. Pure Morphic - might has the advantage of being well supported with
lsobcca> examples.   I can already imagine how things might be implemented -
lsobcca> including maintaining vertical-or-horizontal-only orientations while
lsobcca> moving wires around. It is more likely that
lsobcca> unintended behavior can be 
lsobcca> understood and prevented.  The model coupling is also well demonstrated
lsobcca> in examples.

If every graphic object should be a Morph I suggest you as soon as
possible calculate how many Morphs you want to be on the screen and
respond to events (like changing a wire number). Then just crate that
number of Morphs at random positions. !!! Be sure to use a throw away
image !!!. Years ago I tried with 30000 points (EllipseMorphs) and a
few thousand lines (PolygonMorphs) which rendered the image
unresponsive. Computers and VM's became faster but I assume there are
still limits.

I had the same issues with BabySRE which is built on Connectors.

Try that with every framework you evaluate.

Otherwise I love Morphic for non standard UI's and handle a few
hundred semi transparent interactive Morphs. But Morphic can be

To display 1200 x 300 nodes of a neural network I bitblt to a Form.

Juan Vuletich has done a great job at simplifying cleaning and
speeding up his version of Morphic in Cuis.



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