[squeak-dev] Low Memory Warning although enough memory is available

r2ruyu-nana at yahoo.de r2ruyu-nana at yahoo.de
Sat Feb 26 14:15:23 UTC 2011


We encounter problems with low memory warnings ("Space is low", "Warning! 
Squeak is almost out of memory!").

Setup here:
  * Squeak 3.9 (tested also with 4.2)
  * Win32
  * 2GB of memory

We can reproduce the problem here with:

	bmp1 := Form fromFileNamed: 'hauptabschnitt_lang.bmp'.
	bmp2 := Form fromFileNamed: 'hauptabschnitt1.bmp'.

'hauptabschnitt_lang.bmp' is 24 bit, 273,8MB file.
'hauptabschnitt1.bmp' is 24 bit, 95,8MB file.

'Doing" the first line works, doing the second popups the low memory warning. 
With the task manager we see Squeak using about 412MB after the first line. 
There should be enough memory left for Squeak. 

How to make both lines work? As stated in the wiki [1], the "-memory: N" 
argument is out of date. Indeed, Squeak behaves equal with different N (we 
tried 512, 768, 1024, 2048; but it's interesting that this parameter is still 
accepted by Squeak 3.9).

I tried Squeak 4.2 but it's the same (although it needs overall 398MB after 
the first line).

(By the way, executing the first line above is quite fast - but doing the same 
with equivalent png-file is about 5x slower - how come?)

Any hints on this?

Best regards,
   r2ruyu-nana ;)

[1] http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/981

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