[squeak-dev] sqUnixMemory.c:177: uxGrowMemoryBy: Assertion `newDelta >= 0' failed. Aborted

x y aatdark at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 01:21:56 UTC 2011


i have the unix memory problem with squeak 4.2 and 4.4

I'm getting the error on very regular bases about 2min after starting squeak

$ ./squeak.sh
Running 32-bit Squeak on a 64-bit System. Hope the 32-bit runtime libraries
are installed ...
squeakvm: /home/piumarta/squeak/platforms/unix/vm/sqUnixMemory.c:177:
uxGrowMemoryBy: Assertion `newDelta >= 0' failed.

my system:
3.2GB x86-64 ubuntu 10.04
offical squeak downloaded from squeak.org

any ideas how to solve this issue?

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