[squeak-dev] Re: SqueakSSL on Windows

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Sun Nov 27 10:42:13 UTC 2011

On 11/26/2011 17:55, Jon Hylands wrote:
> This clearly doesn't work on Windows at all, since TestCase >>
> #shouldPass sends #includes: to the result of that method, which (if
> you're not running Mac OS) is the SqueakSSLTest instance.

You're right, apologies. I don't know what I've been smoking when I 
committed this version :-) It's fixed now.

> I'm hoping to be able to send & receive email from a specific gmail
> account using this - any suggestions?

For sending you can try the SqueakSSL-SMTP package which i just 
committed to the SqueakSSL repository. This is just a subclassed 
SMTPClient using SecureSocketStream for sending the email. The class 
side example shows how to send Email from a GMail account.

POP3 should be similarly simple if you start from POP3Client.

Hope this helps,
   - Andreas
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