[squeak-dev] Stdb MySQL Protocol Driver update in squeaksource

Anindya Haldar anindya_haldar at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 2 07:45:37 UTC 2011

A couple of updates to the Stdb* projects in SqueakSource.

Project StdbMysqlProtocol:

There is a new version of the protocol driver that can now handle authentication for MySQL users with old style (short hash) passwords. It handles the fallback silently during the handshake. This was an issue reported by Andreas for the previous version of the driver package.

Project StdbMysqlImpl :

There is a new version of the Stdb API implementation for MySQL. This one has some test infrastructure fixes, and consolidates the use of test credentials so that a single username/password combination is used for all tests.

The packages were tested with MySQL 5.0.67 community edition under Mac OS X. 

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