[squeak-dev] Balloon3D: not loading in trunk

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2005 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 13:09:19 UTC 2011

On 10/4/11 10:00 AM, "Chris Cunnington" <smalltalktelevision at gmail.com>

> "I got a failure on VRML component as in attached log and got stuck...
> Any ideas about how to proceed?"
> Yes, you should abandon using anything that requires VRML. That technology is
> dead. That project on SqueakSource is dated from 2004.
> Andreas Raab has moved on from anything related to VRML, and I imagine you
> might benefit from doing the same. What is he using in
> it's place now? Probably OpenGL or something.
> I was looking at Carbon to learn about VMs. I went to ESUG, met the VM
> maintainers, and I got the message that I should move on to
> Objective C, because that's where they were going. So that's what I'm doing.
> I'm involved in helping to bring out the next image. The idea that the new
> image has to be able to load in any code from anywhere in
> Squeak's past just depresses me. As a team and a community we only have so
> many resources and they need to be spent wisely on things
> like making the image smaller with each iteration.
> I think expectations about such things need to be managed. At some point we've
> just got to say that that's the past. If you want to use
> old code then you need to stick with old images. If 4.3 doesn't accommodate
> VRML, I don't see how you can expect it to. The prospect
> exhausts me even before I've started working on the 4.3 release.
> Please find out what Andreas Raab moved onto and use that.
> Chris Cunnington
> SOB member  

Mostly I agree , but...

What is wrong on using some old as long works ?

Balloon3D could be loaded with hard work and maybe if we can have it could
have a new user.

In short time he realize all you said is true and follow your advice.

But if we don¹t take users wishes , could loose he.

So , I try to have Balloon3D  in next FunSqueak, but give me time...

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