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Wed Oct 5 08:51:58 UTC 2011

Levente Uzonyi uploaded a new version of System to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: System-ul.455
Author: ul
Time: 4 October 2011, 8:16:21.967 pm
UUID: 44122f6e-d177-1040-8c67-84cd32ac9f88
Ancestors: System-eem.454, System-ul.454

- use #becomeForward: instead of #become: if possible
- merged System-ul.454

=============== Diff against System-eem.454 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: SARInstaller>>fileInPackageNamed: (in category 'client services') -----
  fileInPackageNamed: memberName 
  	"This is to be used from preamble/postscript code to file in zip 
  	members as DVS packages."
  	| member current new baseName imagePackageLoader packageInfo streamPackageLoader packageManager |
  	member := self zip memberNamed: memberName.
  	member ifNil: [ ^self errorNoSuchMember: memberName ].
  	imagePackageLoader := Smalltalk at: #ImagePackageLoader ifAbsent: [].
  	streamPackageLoader := Smalltalk at: #StreamPackageLoader ifAbsent: [].
  	packageInfo := Smalltalk at: #PackageInfo ifAbsent: [].
  	packageManager := Smalltalk at: #FilePackageManager ifAbsent: [].
  	"If DVS isn't present, do a simple file-in"
  	(packageInfo isNil or: [imagePackageLoader isNil or: [streamPackageLoader isNil]])
  		ifTrue: [ ^ self fileInMemberNamed: memberName ].
+ 	baseName := memberName copyReplaceAll: '.st' with: ''.
- 	baseName := memberName copyReplaceAll: '.st' with: '' asTokens: false.
  	(packageManager allManagers anySatisfy: [ :pm | pm packageName = baseName ])
  		ifTrue: [
  			current := imagePackageLoader new package: (packageInfo named: baseName).
  			new := streamPackageLoader new stream: member contentStream ascii.
  			(new changesFromBase: current) fileIn ]
  		ifFalse: [ self class fileIntoChangeSetNamed: baseName fromStream: member contentStream ascii setConverterForCode. ].
  	packageManager registerPackage: baseName.
  	self installed: member.!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: SmalltalkImage>>recreateSpecialObjectsArray (in category 'special objects') -----
  	"Smalltalk recreateSpecialObjectsArray"
  	"To external package developers:
  	If you are writing a plugin and need additional special object(s) for your own use, 
  	use addGCRoot() function and use own, separate special objects registry "
  	"The Special Objects Array is an array of objects used by the Squeak virtual machine.
  	 Its contents are critical and accesses to it by the VM are unchecked, so don't even
  	 think of playing here unless you know what you are doing."
  	| newArray |
  	newArray := Array new: 56.
  	"Nil false and true get used throughout the interpreter"
  	newArray at: 1 put: nil.
  	newArray at: 2 put: false.
  	newArray at: 3 put: true.
  	"This association holds the active process (a ProcessScheduler)"
  	newArray at: 4 put: (self associationAt: #Processor).
  	"Numerous classes below used for type checking and instantiation"
  	newArray at: 5 put: Bitmap.
  	newArray at: 6 put: SmallInteger.
  	newArray at: 7 put: ByteString.
  	newArray at: 8 put: Array.
  	newArray at: 9 put: Smalltalk.
  	newArray at: 10 put: Float.
  	newArray at: 11 put: MethodContext.
  	newArray at: 12 put: BlockContext.
  	newArray at: 13 put: Point.
  	newArray at: 14 put: LargePositiveInteger.
  	newArray at: 15 put: Display.
  	newArray at: 16 put: Message.
  	newArray at: 17 put: CompiledMethod.
  	newArray at: 18 put: (self specialObjectsArray at: 18).
  	"(low space Semaphore)"
  	newArray at: 19 put: Semaphore.
  	newArray at: 20 put: Character.
  	newArray at: 21 put: #doesNotUnderstand:.
  	newArray at: 22 put: #cannotReturn:.
  	newArray at: 23 put: nil. "This is the process signalling low space."
  	"An array of the 32 selectors that are compiled as special bytecodes,
  	 paired alternately with the number of arguments each takes."
  	newArray at: 24 put: #(	#+ 1 #- 1 #< 1 #> 1 #<= 1 #>= 1 #= 1 #~= 1
  							#* 1 #/ 1 #\\ 1 #@ 1 #bitShift: 1 #// 1 #bitAnd: 1 #bitOr: 1
  							#at: 1 #at:put: 2 #size 0 #next 0 #nextPut: 1 #atEnd 0 #== 1 #class 0
  							#blockCopy: 1 #value 0 #value: 1 #do: 1 #new 0 #new: 1 #x 0 #y 0 ).
  	"An array of the 255 Characters in ascii order.
  	 Cog inlines table into machine code at: prim so do not regenerate it."
  	newArray at: 25 put: (self specialObjectsArray at: 25).
  	newArray at: 26 put: #mustBeBoolean.
  	newArray at: 27 put: ByteArray.
  	newArray at: 28 put: Process.
  	"An array of up to 31 classes whose instances will have compact headers"
  	newArray at: 29 put: self compactClassesArray.
  	newArray at: 30 put: (self specialObjectsArray at: 30).
  	"(delay Semaphore)"
  	newArray at: 31 put: (self specialObjectsArray at: 31).
  	"(user interrupt Semaphore)"
  	"Prototype instances that can be copied for fast initialization"
  	newArray at: 32 put: (Float new: 2).
  	newArray at: 33 put: (LargePositiveInteger new: 4).
  	newArray at: 34 put: Point new.
  	newArray at: 35 put: #cannotInterpret:.
  	"Note: This must be fixed once we start using context prototypes (yeah, right)"
  	"(MethodContext new: CompiledMethod fullFrameSize)."
  	newArray at: 36 put: (self specialObjectsArray at: 36). "Is the prototype MethodContext (unused by the VM)"
  	newArray at: 37 put: BlockClosure.
  	"(BlockContext new: CompiledMethod fullFrameSize)."
  	newArray at: 38 put: (self specialObjectsArray at: 38). "Is the prototype BlockContext (unused by the VM)"
  	"array of objects referred to by external code"
  	newArray at: 39 put: (self specialObjectsArray at: 39).	"preserve external semaphores"
  	newArray at: 40 put: nil. "Reserved for Mutex in Cog VMs"
  	newArray at: 41 put: nil. "Reserved for a LinkedList instance for overlapped calls in CogMT"
  	"finalization Semaphore"
  	newArray at: 42 put: ((self specialObjectsArray at: 42) ifNil: [Semaphore new]).
  	newArray at: 43 put: LargeNegativeInteger.
  	"External objects for callout.
  	 Note: Written so that one can actually completely remove the FFI."
  	newArray at: 44 put: (self at: #ExternalAddress ifAbsent: []).
  	newArray at: 45 put: (self at: #ExternalStructure ifAbsent: []).
  	newArray at: 46 put: (self at: #ExternalData ifAbsent: []).
  	newArray at: 47 put: (self at: #ExternalFunction ifAbsent: []).
  	newArray at: 48 put: (self at: #ExternalLibrary ifAbsent: []).
  	newArray at: 49 put: #aboutToReturn:through:.
  	newArray at: 50 put: #run:with:in:.
  	"51 reserved for immutability message"
  	"newArray at: 51 put: #attemptToAssign:withIndex:."
  	newArray at: 52 put: #(nil "nil => generic error" #'bad receiver'
  							#'bad argument' #'bad index'
  							#'bad number of arguments'
  							#'inappropriate operation'  #'unsupported operation'
  							#'no modification' #'insufficient object memory'
  							#'insufficient C memory' #'not found' #'bad method'
  							#'internal error in named primitive machinery'
  							#'object may move').
  	"53 to 55 are for Alien"
  	newArray at: 53 put: (self at: #Alien ifAbsent: []).
  	newArray at: 54 put: #invokeCallback:stack:registers:jmpbuf:.
  	newArray at: 55 put: (self at: #UnsafeAlien ifAbsent: []).
  	"Weak reference finalization"
  	newArray at: 56 put: (self at: #WeakFinalizationList ifAbsent: []).
  	"Now replace the interpreter's reference in one atomic operation"
+ 	self specialObjectsArray becomeForward: newArray
- 	self specialObjectsArray become: newArray

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