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Tue Oct 11 13:25:43 UTC 2011

Bert Freudenberg uploaded a new version of PackageInfo-Base to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: PackageInfo-Base-bf.57
Author: bf
Time: 11 October 2011, 3:25:34.7 pm
UUID: 0c85d431-11e8-4780-8122-f7262b341c1a
Ancestors: PackageInfo-Base-ul.56

- fix override detection

=============== Diff against PackageInfo-Base-ul.56 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: PackageInfo>>changeRecordForOverriddenMethod: (in category 'testing') -----
  changeRecordForOverriddenMethod: aMethodReference
  	| sourceFilesCopy method position |
  	method := aMethodReference actualClass compiledMethodAt: aMethodReference methodSymbol.
  	position := method filePosition.
  	sourceFilesCopy := SourceFiles collect:
  		[:x | x isNil ifTrue: [ nil ]
  				ifFalse: [x readOnlyCopy]].
  	[ | file prevPos prevFileIndex chunk stamp methodCategory tokens |
  	method fileIndex = 0 ifTrue: [^ nil].
  	file := sourceFilesCopy at: method fileIndex.
  	[position notNil & file notNil]
  		[file position: (0 max: position-150).  "Skip back to before the preamble"
  		[file position < (position-1)]  "then pick it up from the front"
  			whileTrue: [chunk := file nextChunk].
  		"Preamble is likely a linked method preamble, if we're in
  			a changes file (not the sources file).  Try to parse it
  			for prior source position and file index"
  		prevPos := nil.
  		stamp := ''.
  		(chunk findString: 'methodsFor:' startingAt: 1) > 0
  			ifTrue: [tokens := Scanner new scanTokens: chunk]
  			ifFalse: [tokens := Array new  "ie cant be back ref"].
  		((tokens size between: 7 and: 8)
  			and: [(tokens at: tokens size-5) = #methodsFor:])
  				[(tokens at: tokens size-3) = #stamp:
  				ifTrue: ["New format gives change stamp and unified prior pointer"
  						stamp := tokens at: tokens size-2.
  						prevPos := tokens last.
  						prevFileIndex := sourceFilesCopy fileIndexFromSourcePointer: prevPos.
  						prevPos := sourceFilesCopy filePositionFromSourcePointer: prevPos]
  				ifFalse: ["Old format gives no stamp; prior pointer in two parts"
  						prevPos := tokens at: tokens size-2.
  						prevFileIndex := tokens last].
  				(prevPos = 0 or: [prevFileIndex = 0]) ifTrue: [prevPos := nil]].
  		((tokens size between: 5 and: 6)
  			and: [(tokens at: tokens size-3) = #methodsFor:])
  				[(tokens at: tokens size-1) = #stamp:
  				ifTrue: ["New format gives change stamp and unified prior pointer"
  						stamp := tokens at: tokens size]].
  		methodCategory := tokens after: #methodsFor: ifAbsent: ['as yet unclassifed'].
  		(self includesMethodCategory: methodCategory ofClass: aMethodReference actualClass) ifTrue:
  			[methodCategory = (Smalltalk at: #Categorizer ifAbsent: [Smalltalk at: #ClassOrganizer]) default ifTrue: [methodCategory := methodCategory, ' '].
  			^ ChangeRecord new file: file position: position type: #method
  						class: aMethodReference classSymbol category: methodCategory meta: aMethodReference classIsMeta stamp: stamp].
+ 		(self isOverrideCategory: methodCategory) ifFalse: [^nil].
  		position := prevPos.
  		prevPos notNil ifTrue:
  			[file := sourceFilesCopy at: prevFileIndex]].
  		^ nil]
  			ensure: [sourceFilesCopy do: [:x | x notNil ifTrue: [x close]]]

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