Re: [squeak-dev] Squeak Oversight Board minutes – 10/18/11

Derek O'Connell doc at
Wed Oct 19 14:33:33 UTC 2011

On 19/10/11 14:21, Chris Cunnington wrote:
> Attending: Chris Muller, Bert Freudenberg, Colin Putney, Randal 
> Schwartz, Levente Uzonyi, Jecel Assumpacao Jr., Chris Cunnington
> Notes on the 4.3 release:
> - this won’t be the Cog release because of the needs of Linux which 
> might not be aware of a sudden change
> - Jecel is going to look at Linux distros and the vms they use

What's wrong with Linux? Squeak 4.2 + CogVM running fine here on Ubuntu 9.10

latest update: #10966
Current Change Set: webcam-fixes

Virtual Machine
Croquet Closure Cog MT VM [CoInterpreterMT VMMaker.oscog-eem.114]
Unix built on Aug  8 2011 08:24:13 Compiler: 4.1.2 20080704 (Red Hat 

> - Colin will talk to Esteban about multiple versions of the vm and get 
> the OmniBrowser to run on 4.3
> - Chris C. will go through the Daily Commit Logs back to the last 
> release to compile a list of changes to the 4.3 release
> Notes on Package Management ( Or, what would need to happen for 
> Nicolas Cellier to  take Complex out of the image?):
> - The question was discussed if Squeak Map would be used for package 
> management or not in future
> - In the future Squeak Map may be the tool that lists packages that 
> conform to a series of tests which are a de facto contract between 
> developers and core contributors
> - If that’s the case, Squeak Map needs some work. But owing to some 
> low profile changes that have already been made to Squeak Map, perhaps 
> not as much as one might expect
> This body part will be downloaded on demand.

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