[squeak-dev] Fork Proposal: Cuis & Killer Apps.

Lawson English lenglish5 at cox.net
Wed Sep 7 17:16:26 UTC 2011

Cuis is a good partial solution. So is Craig Latta's Spoon.

Better will be developing a GOOD IPC strategy so that we can spawn 
dedicated images from Cuis that contain only the code necessary to run a 
task in its own process, using Spoon to cull the unneeded classes.


On 9/7/11 9:52 AM, Overcomer Man wrote:
> I suggest a new fork or possibly a new orientation for the next Squeak 
> release:
> Adopt Cuis as the core image and focus on killer applications to 
> attract new Smalltalk users.
> Thousands of downloads are recorded on CNet for simple apps like a 
> voice recorder.
> They could all be using and learning Smalltalk.  Same for many other 
> applications.
> That would help make Smalltalk popular again.
> Recently I found Squeak / Cuis contains many Sound classes.  So I 
> wrote up an email suggesting it to a community college teacher friend 
> who had asked for a sound recorder.  Imagine my embarrassment when I 
> found the files Squeak supports doesn't include .mp3.
> Squeak has so much unfinished half starts at programs, why not adopt 
> Juan's work to flush the unnecessary, then get started on building a 
> serious applications team to build truly useful free code.
> Another example, Roxio is a million dollar software company making a 
> video recorder app. which is not as good as an ordinary VCR and not 
> supported (they have a staff but try getting any real help).  Squeak 
> could be capturing a slice of that market and enticing users to learn 
> Smalltalk!  And source code can substitute for most support.
> Another example, Solid Works is a 3D object drafting program that is 
> simple and gets many thousands of users away from AutoDesk.  Can 
> Smalltalk deliver most or all of that function with a FFI to openGL 
> and some programming?  Certianly!
> Finally, the one complaint I've heard on the job about Smalltalk is 
> it's slow.  I recently added several thousand classes and find simply 
> clicking on the class in a browser is now slow to respond.  When 
> end-users, not programmers, can type at 80 words a minute and more in 
> a C app. or they can be limited to 30 wpm or less in a Smalltalk app. 
> they demand C.  The new VM was a good improvement, now try to solve 
> the speed issues in the image.
> Thanks,
> Kirk Fraser

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