[squeak-dev] Re: Fork Proposal: Cuis & Killer Apps.

Sean P. DeNigris sean at clipperadams.com
Thu Sep 8 13:27:05 UTC 2011

Levente Uzonyi-2 wrote:
>> I suggest... a new orientation for the next Squeak
>> release:
> I guess we have too many forks already (compared to the number of active 
> developers).
>> Adopt Cuis as the core image and focus on killer applications to attract
>> new
>> Smalltalk users.

This is pure gold. It would be great to put the personality differences
aside (I think the only real obstacle/difference at this point) and unify as
much as possible.

For sure, another fork would only dilute everyone's great efforts further.
But a stack of existing technologies could be very intriguing, if only
wishful thinking right now. The seeming current policy of
Squeak/Pharo/Cuis/etc to cherry pick changes from the other guys seems to
leave little time for killer app development. Imagine something like:

    cuis - rock-solid, clean, stable, small kernel
+  pharo - professional-grade Smalltalk with the expected bells and whistles
of a modern IDE
+  squeak - dynabook software (which b.t.w. was the whole point of Squeak -
and Smalltalk - in the first place); a medium that unites all other media of
human expression, with the required support of PDF reading/writing/viewing,
HTML browsing, cross-platform mp3 support...
=  the closest we've ever been to the holy grail of computing (until VPRI
releases and makes us all obsolete, lol)

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