[squeak-dev] A Vision For Smalltalk

Frank Shearar frank.shearar at gmail.com
Sat Sep 10 15:30:05 UTC 2011

On 10 September 2011 16:25, Tim Felgentreff <tim at nada1.de> wrote:
> What extra files? The only non-st file in there should be the binary
> snapshot, and that just uses the images' binary format for faster store/load
> on compatible systems. If it isn't there or has an incompatible format, MC
> will compile the st source.



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> On 10 Sep 2011 07:24, Overcomer Man <overcomer.man at gmail.com> wrote:
> In my quest to install a Video application discovered in Squeak's Universe
> browser into Cuis, I asked for help and received three critical pieces of
> information.  The fact .mcz files are .zip files which need renamed to see
> what's inside.  The location of the FFI library, invisible from the main
> Squeak webpage.  And the packages within FFI to fileIn and in what order.
>  The FFI works but the video application is still not fully installed, due
> to another unknown bug.
> Along the way I noticed the .mcz files contained a lot of other junk besides
> Smalltalk code, and all the code for several FFI sub-projects is under the
> same filename inside the different packages.  Using .mcz instead of .zip
> is unnecessary complexity. The extra packaged files are not Smalltalk.  Why
> not just use Smalltalk?
> This reminds me of a job experience where the boss insisted I use a new
> GUI-builder to add some features to Hot-Draw.  I knew Smalltalk, not the
> language of the new GUI-builder.  So I worked with the inspector and
> discovered the code needed to accomplish the job and did it in Smalltalk.
>  The boss didn't realize the GUI-builder was a language divergence from
> Smalltalk and work done with it was not maintainable.
> It's obvious the Universe brower is passe'.  Do we really need the
> Monticello browser or half the other tools?  Cuis frees programmers from a
> lot that isn't Smalltalk.  People will do what they want but I suspect some
> forks, even Pharo, could be collapsed into Cuis.
> We need to focus on Smalltalk and developing user friendly applications with
> it.  Building tools that obscure Smalltalk may lead to unmaintainability.
>  The job of tools is to do real work for the end user.  Occasionally a new
> tool is needed but constantly working on the toolbox is usually unnecessary.
>  Keep It Simply Smalltalk.

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