[squeak-dev] Creating a new package on SqueakMap

Jeff G jgon.in.canada at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 01:54:29 UTC 2011

Hi everyone,

So as I continue to try and come to grips with the modern squeak development
process one of the things that has caught my attention is SqueakMap and the
work to get it back up and resuscitated. I figured that I would take a quick
bit of code that I had been fooling around with an upload it as a package to
start experimenting with.  But I can't seem to find how get a package
created in the first place.

I have a SqueakMap  account and so I can actually create a package, but it
is of course empty when I initially create it.  I was trying to figure out
how to populate it with code and I figured that the "edit releases" link
would be the appropriate one to follow but I can't actually get to the
release page.  I click the link and page basically spins and spins and never
actually gets a response.

I tried opening a squeakmap release repository through the monticello
browser and saving my package to the repository but this generated a
debugger window. I attempted to save my package to SqueakSource3 and then
create a squeakmap release through the web interface but this generated an
error on the website.

I tried to create a new release by right-clicking on my empty package via
the squeakmap catalog but the window this brought up didn't reveal a way for
me to associate classes with the package.

I am pretty sure that I have covered all of the bases here, but if I am
missing something please let me know.  If you have an alternate means for
setting up a new package on squeakmap I would be delighted to hear.

Thanks in advance for your help,
Jeff G.
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