[squeak-dev] About the new Date

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Thu Feb 9 02:15:53 UTC 2012

On Wed, Feb 08, 2012 at 09:49:06AM -0800, Paul DeBruicker wrote:
> On 12-02-08 05:04 AM, David T. Lewis wrote:
> >With the test updates loaded, The chronology tests are green with
> >time zone set to UTC, and show nine failures in TimeStampTest and
> >one failure in TimeStampDoTest.
> If it helps I can test these changes on Windows XP, 7 and Ubuntu in the 
> Pacific time zone.  Let me know how to load the changes into the Squeak 
> All-In-One.

Thanks Paul,

It is best if your Squeak all-in-one image is up to date with the
trunk stream first (*), but I think that all you need to do to test
the changes is open a Montecello browser on the inbox repository,
then load Chris' Kernel-cmm.670 and KernelTests-cmm.214 from the
"Kernel" and "KernelTests" categories. To run the tests, open a
new TestRunner and select the tests in the very first category,

(*) Apps -> Preference Browser. In the preference browser, select
category "Monticello" and change the Update URL setting to
"http://source.squeak.org/trunk". Then from the World menu do
help... -> update code from server


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