[FIX] ClassEditFix-th

torge.husfeldt at gmx.de torge.husfeldt at gmx.de
Sat Jan 28 03:57:01 UTC 2012

from preamble:

"Change Set:		ClassEditor
Date:			19 December 2002
Author:			Torge Husfeldt

Fix to the fix dated 26 November.
Now also works with for class instance
varibles and you can even define a method
when the --all-- category is selected.
Introduces new class MockRequestor that
can be used to compile silently yet read out
possible error messages.
There is still lots of room for evolution and 
refactoring in this code.
Fixes a small annoyance with
no clear error message when
defining methods in a browser
with the -- all -- category selected."!
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