[squeak-dev] [ANN] Squeak Oversight Board Election 2012!

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Tue Mar 27 22:40:14 UTC 2012

Fellow Squeakers,

A tad more than one year has passed and it is time to ruuummmmble with 
another Squeak Oversight Board Election!

Every year we elect the SOB (Squeak Oversight Board) consisting of seven 
members from our community. The current board is:


Everything about the election, including schedule and more, can be 
tracked here:


Since the election process has not been reformed during this last year 
(ehm, yet again), the schedule and process of the Election is as "usual" 
which follows (this is a DRAFT, will be final on the 1st of April):

*** Now until 13th April 2PM (14.00 UTC): Nominations of SOB members and 

Candidates should nominate themselves and start their campaign on the 
squeak-dev mailing list. Or if you nominate someone else, make sure that 
person really wants to run. :) I will not put anyone on the candidate 
list until that person makes it known on squeak-dev that he/she does 
run. During this period, the candidates should ideally present 
themselves on squeak-dev, unless they have already done so, and the 
community can ask questions.

*** 13th April 2PM (14.00 UTC): The candidate list is finalized.

*** 13th April 6PM (18.00 UTC): Online election starts

The voting period is one week long and ballots are sent out via email.
And how do you end up on the voter list? See below. :)

IMPORTANT: New voters will NOT be added once the election is started. 
You MUST try to get on the voter list before the 3rd April or you will 
NOT be able to vote.

*** 20th April 6PM (18.00 UTC): Online election ends

Results will be announced immediately when the election ends.


If you were invited to vote last year you are already on the voter list, 
no worries! If you are a new Squeaker and wish to vote do ONE of the 

      * Get a "known" Squeaker to vouch for you. If a known Squeaker
sends an email to voters (at) squeak.org giving me name and email for 
you, then I will add you.

      * Send an email to voters at squeak.org yourself (and CC to 
squeak-dev if you like) with information/arguments showing me that you 
are indeed serious about voting and that you are indeed a Squeaker. And 
no, I don't have any hints on what you should write! :) Unless you 
totally screw that up, you will probably be added. And no, don't send me 
a 10 page essay ;)

When the voting period starts all voters will receive an email with
instructions and a link to the voting website.

If there are any further questions, just reply *in this thread* and I
will closely track it - or send email to voters (at) squeak.org which 
points to me.

...so let's get on with it!

regards, Göran Krampe

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