[squeak-dev] [OT] Extremely cheap ARM handhelds was Raspberry Pi

Casey Ransberger casey.obrien.r at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 10:17:17 UTC 2012

I don't get online much these days, so I felt kind of lucky to catch this thread. 

My two cents: aim at devices which ship with the cleanest (read: less vendor crapware preinstalled) and make *absolutely certain* that the device supports consumer side loading of apps (read: you're allowed to install the VM.)

I've heard that in spite of being Android based, Kindle Fire does not allow loading apps from Google's app store, much less side loading; you have to get all apps from Amazon's store. This is the one of the problems we encounter with iOS, and what we need to avoid like the plague. 

That and we have to find some decent tablet hardware which meets the above criteria. Android isn't really a requirement, I'm going to throw out another post with an idea about that in a minute.


On Nov 9, 2012, at 1:19 AM, David Corking <lists at dcorking.com> wrote:

> Great, thanks Chris. I guess these are the kind of trade sample
> devices that Tim cited on Wednesday:
> http://armdevices.net/2012/11/05/wabook-arm-powered-laptops-71-10-1-1024x600-51-7-800x480/
> http://armdevices.net/2012/10/29/overview-of-the-latestbest-7-tablets-out-of-shenzhen-china/
> http://armdevices.net/members-store/
> For better or worse, it sounds like the trade is plumping for Android
> over the Debian Linux of the Raspberry Pi. Does Android need a
> 'jailbreak' to run Squeak?
> Thanks for the inspiration. David
> p.s. It sounds like I might spend on a new jacket to go with a new
> toy. I gave up jackets over a decade ago.

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