[squeak-dev] From Etoys Reference Manual to refactoring Squeak

mokurai at earthtreasury.org mokurai at earthtreasury.org
Sat Nov 10 21:21:16 UTC 2012

In the process of writing chunks of the Etoys Reference Manual


I have found a large number of infelicities, ranging from typos in Class
comments to architectural issues. I have been directed here to talk about
what is needed, and ask who might be working on bringing the latest Etoys
into the standard Squeak distribution. I intend to go through Etoys
systematically when the Reference Manual is completed and submit
changesets. Then I intend to work on an Etoys By Example book explaining
how the projects that come with Etoys can be replicated and improved.
Edward Mokurai
Silent Thunder is my name, and Children are my nation.
The Cosmos is my dwelling place, the Truth my destination.

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