[squeak-dev] Chris Cunnington is running for the Squeak Board 2013

Chris Cunnington smalltalktelevision at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 17:03:47 UTC 2013

I'm running for the Board again this year. I've provided a list of 
things I did in 2012 [1], which I think was an important year for Squeak 
setting a new course.

I'd like to thank Ron for running the elections this year. It's nice to 
get this done earlier in the year instead of letting it drift into Spring.

This year ought to allow the community to build on the solid foundation 
laid last year. This year I think we can build higher.



What I did for Squeak in 2012:

- declared that we needed to move to a new server because ours was old 
and could not run Cog
- worked with the SFC to get us two free servers, now box3 and box4
- fostered the development of Squeak on Raspbery Pi
- fostered the development of a more open and documented Squeak release 
process: now the community vets release candidates, and the process is 
available on the Swiki
- built a Jenkins continuous integration server at squeakci.org, moved 
the beta to box3, where it now tests virtual machines, trunk images, and 
soon community supported packages
- in the process of building a new squeak.org homepage using a 
never-before-deployed web framework
- encouraged the developer of the web framework Altitude to release it 
publicly and tested its deployment over weeks and months for reliability
- demonstrated that the Twitter Bootstrap web site framework can be used 
for Smalltalk websites with great effect
- performed system administration in helping to maintain boxes 2,3, and 4
- maintained The Weekly Squeak blog for 39 weeks, each week ensuring a 
news item was posted
- took the minutes and posted them on The Squeak Board for 20 meetings, 
and the posted them on the Squeak- dev mailing list

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