[squeak-dev] In Memory of Andreas Raab

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Tue Jan 15 09:42:05 UTC 2013

Dear friends in both Squeak and Pharo communities,

I am stunned but felt I just had to write something on this day and I am 
CCing Pharo because in the end we are all the same community in my book.

Andreas was so young and had just started the next chapter of his life 
together with Kathleen. Now, there are other people in this community 
who knew Andreas much better than I did, but I still want to write 
something, especially perhaps to you who aren't that familiar with 
Andreas and all the work he has done for us.

Andreas was *exceptionally* bright and above all perhaps the single most 
*productive* Squeaker in our community - we use lots of his code every 
day. In a Squeak 4.4 image there are 6382 methods with his developer 
initials currently on them touching in total almost a thousand classes. 
And this is more than *double* the amount of methods as the second 
developer on that list. And since this is just based on the latest 
version of the method, his legacy is even bigger in reality.

"Top thirty method touchers"
((CompiledMethod allInstances collect: [:m |
	m timeStamp readStream upTo: Character space])
		asBag sortedCounts first: 30)

"Classes touched by Andreas"
(CompiledMethod allInstances select: [:m |
	(m timeStamp readStream upTo: Character space) = 'ar']
		thenCollect: [:m | m methodClass])

And even in Pharo 1.4 his mark is still there with almost 3000 methods 
touching almost 400 classes, this places him at *fourth* place.

And of course he wrote the Windows VM and was an instrumental developer 
of Croquet/Teleplace and much, much, *much* more.

Now, we have a few VM developers who are very good at those parts. And 
we have developers who are very good at selected areas of the image 
level. But people like Andreas who work on *all* levels of Squeak, from 
the VM and all the way up to 3D and stuff like Croquet... well, we don't 
have many and at the moment I am not sure I can think of anyone with the 
same span as Andreas had.

I only met him a few times, at OOPSLA I think and once he visited 
Stockholm and we had some time hacking and talking about Squeak and how 
to grow the community and so on. He cared quite a lot about the 
community, perhaps more than most people thought.

Two years ago Andreas contacted me for some contract work for Teleplace 
and he was as always very sharp, friendly and helpful in getting me up 
to speed and being involved although I was sitting here in Stockholm. We 
had some late night Skype sessions digging deep together in odd network 
protocols and it was in the middle of one such session, about 2 years 
ago that I asked him:

	Me: And hey, Eliot gossiped that you ... met someone? :)
	Andreas: Yes, indeed. Madly in love as they say :-)

Life is just not fair. This is a very sad day.


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