[squeak-dev] Bert re-running

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Fri Jan 25 17:40:56 UTC 2013

Hi folks,

I want to continue serving on the board.

Our job as board members is mainly to facilitate the work of the community, make sure the infrastructure is there, keep the processes going and improve them, etc. In that regard, our membership in the SFC has started to pay off: we got two new servers (for free), and Ken with the box-admin team is working on phasing out the old machine (which cost us 50€ a month).

The community is putting the resources to good use, working towards the 4.4 release was fun. Maybe we should have releases more often :)

Over in Squeakland we had the Etoys 5 release, and later in the year our educators team finished a new Etoys book for teachers in a Google-sponsored sprint. It was a good, if somewhat slow year. 

I still want to see Etoys get back in to Squeak proper, and it's getting there, however slowly. Edgar had already started with moving over the translation framework, I hope to see more of this next year.

If I get elected I will do my best to ensure our community can continue to work and have fun doing it. 

We have a great line-up of candidates already, it would be my pleasure to meet with them regularly. But it's still time to get *your* hat in the ring, too. If not, you'll be missing out greatly ;)

- Bert -

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