[squeak-dev] Cocoa or Carbon Interpreter VMs was Re: All-in-one VM for 4.4?

Casey Ransberger casey.obrien.r at gmail.com
Thu Mar 7 00:35:24 UTC 2013

I believe that Carbon support has been absent from OS X since around
Leopard (IIRC it got yanked in part because Carbon doesn't support 64-bit,
and they wanted to make everything in OS X 64-bit.)

On Wed, Mar 6, 2013 at 1:18 PM, David Corking <lists at dcorking.com> wrote:

> Tobias Pape  wrote, in reply to me:
> >>> I was under the impression, that was the
> >>> latest, recommended non-Cog VM for mac… go figure
> >>
> >> I think Bert has advised you correctly. My recollection is that the
> >> "Cocoa Interpreter VM" line of development was abandoned in favour of
> >> the Cog VM (I remember hearing that Xcode had some idiosyncrasies that
> >> made it difficult to achieve quite the same level of quality as the
> >> 'Carbon VM' but that isn't important now.) The 'Carbon VM' interpreter
> >> Squeak 4.2.5beta1U.app as linked works fine in OS X.
> >>
> > Now I am quite puzzled. The sqMacMain.c of the Carbon VM states quite
> clearly:
> >
> > #error Hi, you are building an obsolete version of the macintosh VM.
> > #error Instead use the xCode projects found in the iOS folder
> > #error Remove these error defines if you really need to build this
> obsolete 4.x VM
> >
> > (as of SVN revision 2287)
> Yes: that is right too. Don't build the Carbon VM again. I understand
> the build isn't easy - I personally don't know if it builds with
> current OS X tools.
> The Cocoa Interpreter VM came from the iSqueak work and from what I
> saw and heard, it is pretty good, and was always intended to replace
> the Carbon VM. But up to now the community has distributed one blessed
> Universal Carbon VM to the mass market, for the reasons already
> discussed.
> Hope that helps.
> Have fun! David

Casey Ransberger
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