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gettimothy gettimothy at zoho.com
Thu Sep 12 16:22:52 UTC 2013

Good news on the trunk!

I am confused by what you mean by 'There is no ReleaseBuilderForXdotY'.

I went here: http://ftp.squeak.org/trunk/

Downloaded the .image and .change, then copied over an existing cogvm, sources and stuff, fired up and browsing 
ReleaseBuilder --> show hierarchy yields:

ProtoObject #()
    Object #()
        Behavior #('superclass' 'methodDict' 'format')
            ClassDescription #('instanceVariables' 'organization')
                Class #('subclasses' 'name' 'classPool' 'sharedPools' 'environment' 'category')
                    ProtoObject class #()
                        Object class #()

                            ReleaseBuilder class #()
                                ReleaseBuilderDeveloper class #()
                                ReleaseBuilderFor3dot10 class #('current')
                                    ReleaseBuilderFor3dot11 class #()
                                ReleaseBuilderFor4dot3 class #()
                                ReleaseBuilderFor4dot4 class #()
                                ReleaseBuilderFor4dot5 class #()
                                ReleaseBuilderNihongo class #()
                                ReleaseBuilderSqueakland class #()

Since this is the 4.5 release series, I was poking around in the ReleaseBuilderFor4.5 to see if I could solve the image issue for you guys.
ReleaseBuilderFor4dot5 class>>prepareNewBuild hung when it tried to put my (ahem) work up on trunk. 

It was then, I thought I should modify ReleaseBuilderFor4dot5>>releaseRepository to store my work locally.

If people commonly do that, I would like to mirror that style to keep things consistent.

---- On Thu, 12 Sep 2013 07:21:23 -0700 Frank Shearar<frank.shearar at gmail.com> wrote ---- 

On 12 September 2013 14:00, gettimothy <gettimothy at zoho.com> wrote: 
> Is there a best-practice for fiddling with ReleaseBuilderForXdotY ? 
> I downloaded the latest trunk image so I could look at the recent background 
> image issue and, after running ReleaseBuilderFor4dot5 class>>prepareNewBuild 
> discovered that it uses MCHttpRepository to upload to the 
> source.squeak.org/trunk. 
> I was going to play around with MCFileBasedRepository to save locally, but 
> decided to ask the list first. 
> Also, my apologies if I accidently clobbered /trunk 
There is no ReleaseBuilderForXdotY. There is only ReleaseBuilder. 
(Imagine that in a voice from Ghostbusters.) 
You probably won't be able to clobber trunk. Or, if you did, it's an 
administrator who's to blame, because only a few folk have commit 
rights to Trunk. (Unlike Inbox, which is world-writable.) 

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