[squeak-dev] Services, Universes, SqueakMap browser all seem broken in 4.5

Chris Muller ma.chris.m at gmail.com
Wed Apr 9 20:31:36 UTC 2014

>> Except for a proxy bug which needs fixed, I'd love to know how you
>> would possibly improve it even if you could do so by the mere snap of
>> your finger.  Because I wanted the best of both worlds.  I want 1) the
>> ability to clean / reduce an image, 2) WITHOUT losing the ability to
>> retrieve the ancestry.  Oh, and 3) it'd be nice if I didn't have to do
>> a special UI operation to "retrieve the ancestry", just have the
>> system retrieve it automatically please only if I do something in the
>> IDE that requires it.
>> Again, assuming all the proxy-bugs fixed, what more could one want in
>> terms of meeting all the demands we want as developers?
> How about not downloading megabytes of data from the network when I didn't
> tell it to do that?

There are lots of operations in the IDE that cause network accesses,
and none of them advertise in advance that they'll access the network.
 So this argument is not really a good one against.

In fact, for it to happen with this, one _first_ had to explicitly
tell it to stub it out!  So assuming one knows what that means, and
then subsequently "told" it to do something related to ancestry -- I
think the software should be "impressive" more than surprising.   :)
It's simply doing what you told it, without question or hassles or
interruptions or excuses why it can't.   (although it may need a
performance tweak),

> Tim stumbled over the proxies in a completely different
> way than I did, and was similarly surprised at what happened.

Tim is surprised by everything.  :)

> Proxies are a
> useful tool, but they should be kept in the bottom of the toolbox and only
> used in special circumstances. The vanilla image shouldn't have proxies.

I think this is your best argument.  I agree Proxies are a powerful
tool to be used sparingly with deliberate care, but it basically boils
down to using a become:, which we already use in numerous other places
in the image.

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