[squeak-dev] Services, Universes, SqueakMap browser all seem broken in 4.5

Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Wed Apr 9 23:19:15 UTC 2014

>> >> Except for a proxy bug which needs fixed, I'd love to know how you
>> >> would possibly improve it even if you could do so by the mere snap of
>> >> your finger.  Because I wanted the best of both worlds.  I want 1) the
>> >> ability to clean / reduce an image, 2) WITHOUT losing the ability to
>> >> retrieve the ancestry.  Oh, and 3) it'd be nice if I didn't have to do
>> >> a special UI operation to "retrieve the ancestry", just have the
>> >> system retrieve it automatically please only if I do something in the
>> >> IDE that requires it.
>> >>
>> >> Again, assuming all the proxy-bugs fixed, what more could one want in
>> >> terms of meeting all the demands we want as developers?
>> >
>> > How about not downloading megabytes of data from the network when I
>> > didn't
>> > tell it to do that?
>> There are lots of operations in the IDE that cause network accesses,
>> and none of them advertise in advance that they'll access the network.
>>  So this argument is not really a good one against.
> Good grief. If I click on something in the IDE, I've told it do something.
> Depending on what I click on, network access may be quite reasonable. I'm
> not going to be surprised if opening a repository inspector on a remote
> repository needs to download data from the network.
> On the other hand, network access when you're using "chase pointers" is not
> expected. It's also surprising when "Smalltalk fixObsoleteReferences" starts
> downloading packages from SqueakSource.

That's true, but those are just shallow bugs.  I'm not willing to
sacrifice chasePointers any more than am willing to sacrifice using
Proxy's.  That's why I make them work together, rather than restrict
my toolbox.

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