[squeak-dev] old school 4.5 and is cog now the standard VM for Squeak 4.5 all-in-one?

Lawson English lenglish5 at cox.net
Mon Apr 14 04:28:13 UTC 2014

So, the question is: how does one create the old school Squeak 
distribution of source/image/chages files + a VM application?

There's no documentation for that on the new website that I can find, 
and while I'm pretty sure I can sorta tease things apart in the Mac 
all-in-one and combine them properly in a folder, I'd prefer a 
standardized way to do it that I can point people to.

Also, is it true that Squeak 4.5 all-in-one is now using the Cog VMs? Is 
that standard on all platforms, and is it the stack interpreter or the 
accelerated version? How does one make sure that the fastest version is 
being used, BTW?



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