[squeak-dev] open paren/brace/bracket...

Chris Muller ma.chris.m at gmail.com
Fri Apr 18 20:06:13 UTC 2014

>> Yep, I totally get you.  But if you ever decide to try committing to
>> Squeak's very capable expression-editing functions, I hope it'll work
>> out as well for you as for me.
> Wow. The condescension here is breathtaking. I tried really hard to explain
> why
> some of us have such a strong reaction to this feature. But you don't seem
> to care,
> and refuse to accept "to each his own" as an answer.
> I'm not going to post further on this topic, except to help people find the
> preference.

Whoa whoa there!  Sheesh, I made extra effort to write that whole note
with "love" man!  There is NO condescension at all here!  I told you I
"get you" and even explained how I relate to your strong reaction via
Auto Indent.  I do!

I'm reading it and not getting why you're insulted.   :(  You feel I'm
saying you're stupid for not using it?  No, I never would, because
that's not what I think about you.  Your cost-benefit was based on
keystrokes, so I'm simply saying, from another angle, there's a gold
nugget there.  Discovering Squeak gold is a great experience I hope
you, myself and others will enjoy again.

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