[squeak-dev] SMServer beta update

Chris Cunnington brasspen at gmail.com
Sat Apr 19 05:28:55 UTC 2014

It's almost time for me to do Eater things. I have to turn away from this for a bit. I thought I'd have something concrete to show two days ago. Exploring somebody else's model is ... like opening one more door forever. 


You can click those to see progress. They don't work with the client well yet. The last one is the Installer script for the SMServer so far. And you can build your own model from scratch.[1] 

Happy Easter, 



	SMSqueakMap clear 	
	SMSqueakMap default
	map := (SMSqueakMap default).

	account := (SMSqueakMap default) newAccount: 'heisenberg' username: 'heisenberg' email: 'heisenberg at bluemeth.com'.

	map objects: Dictionary new.
	map addObject: account
	map accountsByName 
	map cache

	account directory
	account entries
	account uploadsDirectory
	account files

	package := (SMPackage newIn: map) 
						name: 'SMServer';
						summary: 'none';
						description: 'none';
						url: 'http://www.bluemeth.com';
						author: 'heisenberg'.
	account addObject: package		
	map addObject: package

	map packages

	map accounts

	rel := SMPackageRelease newFromRelease: nil package: package.

	relreturn := rel	
			version: '1';
			note: 'I love meth';
			downloadUrl: 'http://box4.squeak.org:9971/seaside/smserver/accountbyid/de44d272-6c5a-4736-8178-f885d7a195ad/files/smserver.st';
			name: 'Blue Meth';
			summary: 'Special blue meth'.
	package addRelease: relreturn
	map createCheckpointNumber: 7006.
	WAKom startOn: 9971
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