[squeak-dev] New box-admins team leader Levente Uzonyi

Nicolas Cellier nicolas.cellier.aka.nice at gmail.com
Mon Apr 21 22:12:04 UTC 2014

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2014-04-21 23:48 GMT+02:00 David T. Lewis <lewis at mail.msen.com>:

> The Squeak board is very pleased to report that Levente Uzonyi has
> volunteered
> to assume leadership of the box-admins team.
> Please give Levente your full support as he takes on this role. Like all
> of us, he has other demands on his time, and handling system administration
> issues can be difficult and occasionally thankless. Let's all help out
> where
> we can.
> The Board would also like to again thank Ken Causey for his excellent
> stewardship of the box-admins team for many years.
> So on behalf of the board: Thank you Ken for your contributions, and thank
> you Levente for leading the box-admins in the future.
> Dave (on behalf of the Squeak board)
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