PNG importing appears to be broken ( was Re: [squeak-dev] Who understand bilinear interpolation for reducing image size?)

J. Vuletich (mail lists) juanlists at
Sat Dec 13 16:15:29 UTC 2014

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> Quoting Bert Freudenberg <bert at>:
>> On 12.12.2014, at 20:09, tim Rowledge <tim at> wrote:
> i>> Scratch has to use paint.
>> Then Scratch has to make it usable for that. All I'm saying is that  
>> we should not make the general importer worse for the special case  
>> of Scratch.
>> So as soon as the imported form enters Scratch code, fix up the RGB  
>> values. Why wouldn't that work?
>> - Bert -
> +1
> Cheers,
> Juan Vuletich

Just doing 'aForm asFormOfDepth: 16' should suffice. This should  
convert pixels with alpha below some threshold to zero, giving forms  
that work ok with 'paint'.
Juan Vuletich

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