Re: Re: [squeak-dev] No vm-display-x11 Plug-in After Building From Source    On FreeBSD 10.1

gettimothy gettimothy at
Thu Dec 18 16:15:26 UTC 2014

Hi Herbert

Thank you for the feedback. 

Getting and end-user perspective is very helpful and will help tighten up the product.

I am a newbie too and this project is an attempt to start grokking the VM world.

Email me directly at gettimothy [at] zoho [dot] com and I will reply back with the script attached.

The script replaces the (broken) script currently in the Cog/image folder at

That script downloads and configures and entirely new image. Its purpose is to get newbies up and running quickly.

If you have an existing image you want to bring the tools into, we can do that too. Below are the (first draft) steps to do that.


GCC autotools suite


[setting up a VMmaker/CMakeVMMakerSqueak build tree relative to the Squeak Install]
svn co

In your Squeak installation, create a directory named 'oscogvm' as a subdirectory under wherever your .image file is.

For the All-In-One this will be something like:
For a custom install, its where you have your .image file.

Copy the entire Cog/ subdirectory tree to the oscogvm directory.  
it should look like this:

 bash-4.2$ ls oscogvm/
CHANGES README build.linux32ARM build.linux64x64 build.macos64x64 history nsspursrc nssrc processors scripts sources spursrc spurstacksrc stacksrc
LICENSE README.old build.linux32x86 build.macos32x86 build.win32x86 dude image nscogsrc nsspurstacksrc platforms products sistasrc spursistasrc spurstack64src src

Create a symlink at the same level as your .image file like so:

ln -s oscogvm/platforms platforms

On my box, I see

drwxr-xr-x 27 tty users 4096 Dec 16 12:58 oscogvm
lrwxrwxrwx 1 tty users 17 Nov 27 10:34 platforms -> oscogvm/platforms

Start  Squeak.

Tools->FileList->Navigate to oscogvm/image/
Right-click and "fileIn entire file"

Squeak will save and quite at the end of the script.

Restart it. You will see VMMaker is launched and several workspaces open that are supposed to provide helpful text. (I just tested locally and they are empty. no worries for now. just close them)

Top toolbar->Help-CMakeVMmaker->StartHere

After you read that we will be working through:

Help->CmakeVMMakerSqueak->DeveloperGuide->Configurations->Example Workflow: New Configuration.

The last steps on setting up the configuration are not written yet, I will try to get to them today. 



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