[squeak-dev] re: Running Squeak on Mac OS X fails due to damaged file - upload to the 4.5 directory?

Craig Latta craig at netjam.org
Fri Oct 10 20:40:39 UTC 2014


Chris Muller> We talked about it in last week's board meeting.  We
Chris Muller> decided there is merit to staying with an All-In-One but
Chris Muller> there was a discussion about whether there should be
Chris Muller> shortcuts in the main directory for each platform.

Tobias> From how I understood Craig, this won't work with a signed AIO.
Tobias> I would go for an unsigned one.

     Chris is referring to a suggestion to create sibling files to the
.app folder, each of which is a platform-dependent script that launches
the app. E.g., on Linux you would put a Squeak4.5.app folder in
/usr/local/bin (for example), there is a script /usr/local/bin/squeak4.5
which starts the app, and you include /usr/local/bin in your executable
search paths. The "main directory" Chris mentions would be a new
directory in the release artifact, containing the .app folder and the
launch scripts.

     The suggestion had nothing to do with signatures, but rather with a
longstanding complaint by a board member about having to descend into
the .app folder to start the app on non-Mac platforms, no matter how
deep (specifically, in .app as before, or, as I made it to work with
Apple's new signing rules, .app/Contents/LinuxAndWindows).

     Personally, I make explicit Linux shell aliases and Windows
shortcuts for launching each Squeak release I have. I have so many VMs
floating around that I don't trust executable search paths to work
correctly. Of course, it'd be better if those platforms would finally
decide on a way of representing a self-contained app; it could just live
anywhere in a filesystem, be found through search, and launched from the
search interface. This is how I launch most apps on the Mac (from

     Anyway, we may as well continue signing the .app folder.


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