[squeak-dev] re: Running Squeak on Mac OS X fails due to damaged file - upload to the 4.5 directory?

Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Fri Oct 10 23:36:04 UTC 2014

> Chris Muller> We talked about it in last week's board meeting.  We
> Chris Muller> decided there is merit to staying with an All-In-One but
> Chris Muller> there was a discussion about whether there should be
> Chris Muller> shortcuts in the main directory for each platform.
> Tobias> From how I understood Craig, this won't work with a signed AIO.
> Tobias> I would go for an unsigned one.
>      Chris is referring to a suggestion to create sibling files to the
> .app folder, each of which is a platform-dependent script that launches
> the app. E.g., on Linux you would put a Squeak4.5.app folder in
> /usr/local/bin (for example), there is a script /usr/local/bin/squeak4.5
> which starts the app, and you include /usr/local/bin in your executable
> search paths. The "main directory" Chris mentions would be a new
> directory in the release artifact, containing the .app folder and the
> launch scripts.

That's quite different than what I thought we were discussing in the
meeting..?  Maybe I was disconnected from what you and/or Eliot was
talking about..?  I thought the suggestion was simply to include two
one-liner shortcuts as siblings to Squeak-4.5-All-in-One.app.

(I actually would prefer them to be siblings of the Contents folder
but I guess that's not an option due to Apple restrictions?)

Since the shortcuts simply point to relative locatoins within the
All-In-One, so there's no need to adjust paths for anything.

The purpose of the All-In-One is to get newbies into Squeak with as
little effort as possible.  By the time they get to wanting to launch
all different kinds of VM's they'll no longer be using the All-In-One.

So, if we were speaking differnt languages in the meeting, hopefully
you like this a little better.

I sent you a link from the other email.  Thanks Craig.

>      The suggestion had nothing to do with signatures, but rather with a
> longstanding complaint by a board member about having to descend into
> the .app folder to start the app on non-Mac platforms, no matter how
> deep (specifically, in .app as before, or, as I made it to work with
> Apple's new signing rules, .app/Contents/LinuxAndWindows).
>      Personally, I make explicit Linux shell aliases and Windows
> shortcuts for launching each Squeak release I have. I have so many VMs
> floating around that I don't trust executable search paths to work
> correctly. Of course, it'd be better if those platforms would finally
> decide on a way of representing a self-contained app; it could just live
> anywhere in a filesystem, be found through search, and launched from the
> search interface. This is how I launch most apps on the Mac (from
> Spotlight).

>      Anyway, we may as well continue signing the .app folder.
> -C
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