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Sat Oct 18 23:48:28 UTC 2014

A new version of GraphicsTests was added to project The Inbox:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: GraphicsTests-fbs.38
Author: fbs
Time: 20 December 2013, 1:30:35.779 pm
UUID: 081189cc-a44f-fa4e-965e-25438280ea93
Ancestors: GraphicsTests-fbs.37

Bare #assert:s are useless in an offline environment.

=============== Diff against GraphicsTests-fbs.37 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: PNGReadWriterTest>>decodeColors:depth: (in category 'tests - decoding') -----
  decodeColors: colorsAndFiles depth: requiredDepth
  	colorsAndFiles do:[:assoc| | form color bytes |
  		color := assoc key.
  		bytes := Base64MimeConverter mimeDecodeToBytes: assoc value readStream.
  		form := PNGReadWriter formFromStream: bytes.
+ 		self assert: requiredDepth equals: form depth description: 'Form depth'.
+ 		self assert: (color pixelValueForDepth: requiredDepth) equals: (form pixelValueAt: 1 at 1) description: 'Corner pixel'.
- 		self assert: form depth = requiredDepth.
- 		self assert: (form pixelValueAt: 1 at 1) = (color pixelValueForDepth: requiredDepth).

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