[squeak-dev] ComSwiki4.5 in the All-In-One

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2005 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 27 20:26:06 UTC 2014

On 10/27/14, 4:20 PM, "Chris Cunnington" <brasspen at gmail.com> wrote:

>> OK, you opened the SwikiBrowser, perhaps with this:
>> (SwikiBrowser asMorphOnShelf: SwikiShelf allInstances first) openInWorld
>> and the ³ani² is present. Hmm, that¹s true. I see it as well. The
>> SwikiBrowser shows all the files in the ³swiki² folder regardless of whether
>> they are used or not. It just shows files.
>> I guess if the ani is not showing up then it¹s a configuration thing. Not
>> essential, I don¹t suppose, though. The ³ani² is a different version of the
>> same kind of wiki seen in ³refs².
>> Thanks for pointing it out. I¹ll have to figure out how to switch between the
>> two or have both at the same time.
>> Chris 

The point in cuestion is ani is the last and cute version of Swiki.
If you don¹t have it, can¹t inherit of this

See is served by very old SqueakLight.

If you plan resurrect and develop ComSwiki, I can help with how to have tons
of js, css, etc like tinymce, bootstrap, others free cute doing visual
impact to user.
user: visita
pass: (nothing here)

It¹s old Sblog and old Swiki served on tp of HV2

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