[squeak-dev] ComSwiki4.5 in the All-In-One

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2005 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 28 14:14:40 UTC 2014

> On 10/27/14, 5:55 PM, "Chris Cunnington" <brasspen at gmail.com> wrote:
> Edgar 
> Wow. This stuff looks great. I¹m glad someone has lots of knowledge of how to
> use the Swiki. I¹m not going to pretend I do. There¹s quite a lot to it.
> And, yes, your help would be great. I¹m impressed you have Bootstrap on a
> Swiki.
> Time to start editing and adding to the Swiki Swiki, I guess.
> Chris 
> Ok, I check for start with a Bootstrap bar on top your All in One.
> Send to youfor review, enhance, etc when ready.
> Edgar

I think maybe is time to move to newer and cute web frameworks.
Consider look, courtesy of last of our
cousins of Pharo.

Maybe have more sense build on top of this ?

ComSwiki was the state of art back in  2006, but not now


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