[squeak-dev] Getting events to 'buried' Morphs

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Tue Oct 28 18:32:55 UTC 2014

Here’s a fun problem.

In the Ancient Days of say 2002-ish when electricity came in little bags delivered to your door by Gnomes, you could add a BorderedMorph in front of another morph, completely overlaying it, and still get the events in the underlying morph. This is being used in old Scratch code to put a warning rectangle around a block. Do that in the current morphic world and no events get to the underlying morph. That’s a bit of a problem in some cases.

Are there any already provided ways to get around this? I’ve considered making the border out of four separate morphs, maybe a subclass of BorderedMorph that somehow doesn’t block events, but it seems like something somebody else might have battled before.

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