[squeak-dev] Re: VanIsle CampSmalltalk 3rd - 5th October 2014

Boris Shingarov boris at shingarov.com
Thu Sep 18 11:30:33 UTC 2014

Count me in, too!

Talk title: "Reviving Cheese"


Cheese was a Squeak with Native Widgets which I made in 1997/98. There 
were two major varieties.  Cheese4's peculiar feature was dual UI 
message loop: it started from Squeak 1.30 X11 port on OS/2 (EMX), added 
an FFI and used that FFI to implement a native OS/2 Presentation Manager 
UI, all the while keeping the X11 UI for development.  The X11 message 
loop and the PM/2 message loop ran at the same time.

When Cheese gained enough native-based tools to self-host development, 
Cheese5 cut off X11 support in the VM and the BitBlt-based half of the 
image; so it's just a native OS/2 application.

These experiments later inspired my work on SWT.

At ESUG-2014 in Cambridge, a number of people asked me where to get a 
copy of Cheese.  So I thought it worthwhile to shake the dust off that 
16-year old archive, fire up a VirtualBox VM with OS/2, and bring Cheese 
to VanIsle CampSmalltalk.

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