[squeak-dev] re: Squeak Oversight Board 2015 Elections

Craig Latta craig at netjam.org
Fri Feb 6 14:38:34 UTC 2015

Hi everyone--

     I'd like to serve on the Squeak board again.

     In the current term, I've made progress on Context initiative[1]
for bringing distributed modularity to Squeak and the other Smalltalks.
I've worked with some brave testers, including Lawson English and
Philippe Back.

     I contributed to our outreach effort by attending and speaking
about Squeak again at FOSDEM 2015 [2] (video coming), attending Pharo
Days[3], and mentioning Squeak on social media[4], my blog[5], and the
weekly Smalltalk Reflections podcast[6] with my co-host David Buck.

     I'm collaborating with Bert and others on SqueakJS[7]. I'm writing
WebSocket support so that SqueakJS systems can form peer-to-peer remote
messaging meshes, like any normal Smalltalk (and for use with
distributed modules). I started a Squeak presence at Slack[8], which is
off to a good start for improving collaboration communication.

     My main priority for the next term is to put Naiad (the module
system) into wider use. This will draw upon the other elements of
Context (Spoon, the minimal object memory kernel, and Lightning, the
remote messaging protocol). I would like to increase Squeak's presence
at ESUG 2015 and other conferences, and in the Raspberry Pi community.
I'd like to reduce the Squeak community's gender imbalance. Through
outreach we can improve the situation, along with merely becoming more

     Like the community itself, I think the board is very strong. I
enjoy working with its members very much. Thanks for your vote!


[1] http://thiscontext.com/2015/01/16/context-status-2015-01-16
[2] https://fosdem.org/2015
[3] https://medium.com/concerning-pharo/pharo-days-2015-6336d6ee2a23
[4] twitter: @ccrraaiigg (the other services, too)
[5] http://thiscontext.com
[6] http://bit.ly/1zb29Kn (itunes.apple.com)
[7] http://try.squeak.org
[8] http://squeak.slack.com
[9] Thanks for looking at all this stuff. :)

Craig Latta
+31   6 2757 7177 (SMS ok)
+ 1 415  287 3547 (no SMS)

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