[squeak-dev] Please add Robot support tools

David Corking lists at dcorking.com
Thu Feb 26 11:15:42 UTC 2015

Thanks, Tim, for all those tips.

You wrote:

>  I have a fairly nicely working demo that can do basic gpio pin control and i2c device
> support for PiGlow/PiFace etc. Doing things in squeak allows some options not available to any > outside code such as providing lists of understood broadcasts & variables, UI access etc.
> Anyone interested in the latest state of scratch on squeak can try running the current Pi release -
> https://copy.com/lmzI1gwLrdfYuxzf

And thanks for the NuScratch image.  Are any VM changes, configs or VM
plugins needed to access Pi GPIO pins from NuScratch on Raspbian?

Do you (or Doug, Marten or Herbert) have a Monticello repo or
changesets for your GPIO pin source code ?

Have fun! David

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