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Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Sat Jan 17 23:45:44 UTC 2015

>      Sure, right now you can browse the kernel memory from Squeak 4.5.
> Every time you accept a method, you're compiling it in Squeak 4.5 and
> imprinting it onto the kernel. But you're referring to imprinting driven
> by method execution?

Yes exactly!

> (Each method that is run is imprinted elsewhere, as
> a side-effect.) What code would you like to see imprinted?

Test suites.  To me, the holy-grail of deployment scaling is I first I
develop and configure in a big luxurious Cadillac image loaded with tools
until I'm ready to deploy.  When I'm ready to deplooy I fire up a copy of
your 1MB core image as the "target" with my luxury image as the 'source'
and then I simply bring over a top-level test-suite method into the target
and run it.

As the methods are executed and found to be missing in the 1MB target, they
are brought over from the source.

By the time the tests are done, /all/ and /only/ the methods which were
needed to run the tests were brought over by Spoon / Naiad.

Now I want to save that target image (maybe 5MB now) and deploy it.  I will
want to run many multiple copies of of that 5MB image but since my tests
probably don't have 100% coverage it would be too risky to run in
production unless each of those 5MB images could have backup Spoon access
to a single running copy of my mother Caddi' image, in case one more method
is found to be needed...

So I see Spoon as a way for learning about systems like you, but also as a
solution for scaling -- from the smallest single core for limited hardware
<---> to the largest multi-core, applications because one can run MORE
images concurrently due to their smaller size.

>      In any case, I do plan to make videos showing all the top-level
> features.
>      thanks,
> -C
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