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Fri Oct 16 21:55:03 UTC 2015

Changes to Trunk (http://source.squeak.org/trunk.html) in the last 24 hours:


Name: Morphic-cmm.1011
Ancestors: Morphic-mt.1010

- Improved keyboard support.  "Desktop" command keys which are not overloaded by browsers are now available globally, so they can be accessed at any time (without needing to first give focus to the desktop).
	The following commands are now available globally:
		Command+Shift+O -> access a Monticello browser.
		Command+Shift+P -> access a Preferences browser.
		Command+Shift+Z -> browse the recent change log.
		Command+] -> save the image.
		Command+\ -> send the active window to the back.
		Command+Escape -> Close the active window (formerly Command+w).
		Control+Escape -> (new!) access the window list.
- Encountered a gaggle of debuggers when dragging a Splitter with the mouse.  It happened more than once, not sure why.  Fixed with a guard.
- HelpBrowsers now honor the Reuse Windows preference.



Name: HelpSystem-Core-cmm.79
Ancestors: HelpSystem-Core-mt.78

Allow HelpBrowsers to honor the Reuse Windows preference.



Name: Tools-cmm.638
Ancestors: Tools-topa.637

Some desktop command keys are now available globally instead.



Name: Help-Squeak-Project-cmm.30
Ancestors: Help-Squeak-Project-mt.29

Command-key help updated for new global keys.



Name: Tools-cmm.639
Ancestors: Tools-cmm.638

Now that the inheritance (i) function can take over for "open single message browser (O)", recover the (O) hot-key for global availability (opens a Monticello browser).  Although probably not necessary, the original "single method" functionality can now be accessed with Command+iId.



Name: System-cmm.770
Ancestors: System-topa.769

- When using the inheritance (i) command, make sure the initial selection within the opened MessageSet is the method on which it was invoked.



Name: Monticello-cmm.618
Ancestors: Monticello-eem.617

Recover hot-key $O from MCCodeTool because it is now redundant with $i.  $O is a global key for accessing a Monticello browser.


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